Nathalia Kaur gets serious with Hindi

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Hindi is not a requirement for an actress to be successful in Bollywood specially for foreign item girls. However if an actress wants to be a mainstream Bollywood actress then not knowing Hindi can be a stumbling block.

Nathalia Kaur

Nathalia Kaur taking Hindi lessons

Brazilian dusky model turned Bollywood item girl, who traces some of her roots to India, is eager to establish herself as a Bollywood actress. And that is why she has decided to take Hindi lessons. She is so involved in learning this language of her roots that she carries a notebook with her all the time. She keeps scribbling in the notebook the words she doesnt’ understand. She also claims that she can speak some Hindi.

Apart from learning Hindi she is also interested in Opera and wants to become Opera singer. She composes her own songs whenever she has free time.


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